Adam's Car Shampoo


New Concentrated Formula produces more suds

Gentle on all surfaces and pH neutral

Our slickest formula ever, reduces the chances of swirls 

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What makes a car wash truly ‘the best’? It has to be safe and gentle, but it has to be effective and easy to use. It needs to provide lots of surface lubrication to prevent swirls, but it should also foam to aid in cleaning. We’re proud to say that our new Car Shampoo formula delivers on all these needs and more! Our foamiest, most concentrated formula ever features the absolute best ingredients and premium cleaning agents to deliver a wash experience that you’ll absolutely love. 


It all starts with the suds. Adam’s New Formula Car Shampoo is our foamiest formulation ever, producing tons of thick lather with just a few ounces of the concentrated gel in a bucket, foam gun, or even a foam cannon. More importantly the suds sustain for longer! Your bucket mixture will hold a rich, thick, head of foam during your entire wash process, never going flat before you have a chance to finish. But foam is only a part of the equation, in addition to the added foaming power Adam’s Car Shampoo is slicker than ever, using a blend of advanced cleaners and polymers to create a slick feel, lubricating the paints surface as it lifts dirt away, and reducing the chances of ever introducing damage to your delicate clear coat. 


While its effective, Adam’s Car Shampoo is also gentle, maintaining its pH neutral formula that cleans without stripping your wax or drying out your trim. It’s so gentle in fact that it’s better than ever at suspending the mineral content of your water and reducing water spots, even in full sunlight. As with any Adam’s product the scent and color are part of the fun. The deep blue hue and wild berry scent will fill the air with a pleasant candy-like scent that you can’t help but enjoy wash after wash. 



1x Adam’s Car Shampoo 473ml


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