Adam's VRT Super Block Tire Dressing Applicator


Mess Free Application Tire & Trim Dressings

Washable and Reusable

Makes Detailing your Tires Easier

In Stock

One of our favorite detailing tools of the trade is Adam's VRT Super Block Dressing Applicators. This large reusable sponge applies a thin, even coat of Adam's Super VRT Tire & Trim Dressing or Adam's Leather & Interior Conditioner without the mess. Wash out the sponge with a quick spray of Adam's All Purpose Cleaner for easy cleaning. These economical sponges are new and improved with a denser, more durable foam construction.  You'll find a whole host of uses for them on your vehicles. 

Easily cut the large foam blocks to varying sizes to help you apply dressings in hard to reach areas. Use them on the exterior, interior, or anywhere a durable multipurpose dressing applicator is needed. 


1x Adam's VRT Super Block Dressing Applicator


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