Adam's IK 1.5 Multi-Sprayer

Adam's IK 1.5 Multi-Sprayer


Large filling mouth

Ergonomic design

Strong translucent tank with level indicator

1.5l capacity

Two Different Nozzle Tips : Adjustable Fan Tip and Misting Tip

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This Adam's IK 1.5 Multi Sprayer is a perfect companion to the IK 1.5 Foaming Sprayer. This sprayer is perfect way to spray down a fine mist for many of our chemicals, without the need of squeezing a spray trigger every time! This Multi-Sprayer works best with non-foaming chemicals. This list includes (but is not limited to): Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, Ceramic Boost, Coating Prep, Detail Spray, Glass Cleaner, H2O Guard & Gloss, Interior Detailer, Iron Remover, Matte Detailer, Rinseless Wash, Tire Shine, Waterless Wash...


Pour some of your favorite chemical into the large mouth filler opening, screw on the lid, and then pressurize the sprayer with around 15-25 pumps. You can then spray away in a perfect misting pattern, saving your fingers from repeated spraying.


The Adam's IK 1.5 Foam Sprayer has rugged construction that will stand up to most chemicals no problem, as well accidental drops. This sprayer is great for paint decontamination with our new Iron Remover, cleaning your ride with Waterless Wash, laying down Detail Spray on a panel as a lubricant when claying, cleaning your windows with Glass Cleaner, and more!


This sprayer comes with two different tip adapters depending on the spray pattern you desire. Use the pre-installed clear spray nozzle to produce a nice circular misting of product. Or, release any built up pressure, unscrew the canister, and remove any chemical built up into the lines by spraying excess chemical back into the canister. Next, unscrew the clear tip and install the light gray tip. This light gray nozzle produces a thin and wide fan-pattern to the chemical being sprayed. This works perfect for fully saturating a panel such as a door or hood, and it can be adjusted to have a vertical spray, horizontal spray, or anywhere in between!


Note: Make sure you release the pressure of this bottle after each use by pulling upward on the white pressure release switch until you hear the air release. This will ensure the sprayer will not leak in storage.


1x Adam's IK 1.5 Multi-Sprayer


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