Shiny Garage Quick Detail Spray

Shiny Garage Quick Detail Spray


Quick Detail Spray

Bubblegum-banana scent

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Shiny Garage Quick Detail Spray is a response to the needs of users who care about their time and ease of application of the product under any conditions.

This product type is mist and wipe, it is not giving any problems during application in direct sunlight or in high humidity. Just spray to any surface (paint, glass, plastic) and polish.

Shiny Garage Quick Detail Spray leaves the surface clean, slick and shiny, remove marks of hard water, ideal product for people who want quickly refresh the paint of car.

Shiny Garage Quick Detail Spray not contain silicone and wax which makes the product safe to use in paint shops, the product is water-based with addition of polymers, that guarantees the effect of water beeding for up to 4 weeks.

Pleasant bubblegum-banana scent enhances your work.

How to use:

  1. Apply a small amount of product (one shot with atomizer) for the passage of paint,
  2. using a microfiber cloth with short bristles disperse the product and polish.
  3. for best results buff once again the passage of paint with dry and clean cloth.

1x Shiny Garage Quick Detail Spray 500 ml


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