Shiny Garage Smooth Clay Lube

Shiny Garage Smooth Clay Lube


Clay bar lube

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Suitable slip and "hydration" of paint when working with clay is essential. The use of the wrong lubricant may cause smudges and scratches. 

Smooth Clay Lube is a blend of carefully selected ingredients that give the right clay slip and significantly improve working with it, while minimizing the risk of holograms. Our lubricant very well complements the action of clay, leaving the paint smooth and ready for the next application of our product range.

An additional feature of the product and its undeniable advantage is non-greasy finish that is left after application simply wipe the item with a cloth without having to re-washing helps to save time.

How to use :

  1. Shake before use
  2. Apply on a cool and clean surface
  3. Wet the surface to be cleaned intensively

1x Shiny Garage Smooth Clay Lube 500 ml


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