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  • Adam's Wash & Wax

    High suds formula safely removes dirt and other contaminants

    Special polymers add a just-waxed, high gloss finish

    Does not strip any other Adam’s wax or sealant products

    Rinses clean without streaks

  • Adam's Ultra Foam Shampoo

    Safely removes dirt, pollen, soot, and other contaminants

    Does not remove wax or sealants, or dry out plastic and rubber

    Creates a huge amount of thick, clinging foam for a foam cannon setup

    Rinses clean without streaks

  • Adam's Eco All Purpose Cleaner

    Tough On Dirt but Easy On Your Car

    Clean Wheels, Tires, Engines and More

    Great For Cleaning Up Your Detailing Accessories

    Safely Cleans Your Foam Buffing & Polishing Pads

  • Adam's Waterless Wash

    The Eco-Friendly Way to Wash Your Car!

    The NEW Alternative to Washing Your Slightly Dirty Car

    No Water, No Hoses, No Mess!

  • Adam's Car Shampoo

    New Concentrated Formula produces more suds

    Gentle on all surfaces and pH neutral

    Our slickest formula ever, reduces the chances of swirls 

  • Adam's Rinseless Wash

    Wash Anywhere, Anytime, Without a Hose

    High Tech Polymers Prevent Scratching and Swirl Marks

    Highly Concentrated Formula 

    Dilute Into A Spray Bottle To Make Waterless Wash

  • Adam's Glass Cleaner

    Safe Glass Cleaner Inside and Out

    Streak Free Glass Cleaning with a Pleasant Scent

    Eco-Friendly, No Ammonia or Alcohol

    Polishes your Glass as it Cleans

  • Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner

    Removes Discoloration From Tires Quickly

    Works Great On Rubber & Trim

  • TarX

  • Stripper Shampoo

    High gloss car wash soap

    Smells like success

    High suds/high gloss formula

    Perfect for weekly maintenance

    pH-balanced formula does not strip wax or sealant coatings

    Perfect for two bucket wash or foam cannon

    Enhances high gloss shine on every paint color

    Slick and scratch-free car wash shampoo

    Perfect for use in any foam gun or foam cannon for added slick suds and scratch-free wash experience

  • Hybrid V7 Shampoo

    Super slick formula prevents swirls and scratches

    Optical select high gloss shine on any color paintwork

    pH-balanced, safe for wax and sealant coats

    Perfect for two-bucket, foam gun, and foam cannon wash

    Rinses clean with no residue

    Advanced UV protection

    Removes grime, build up and dirt

  • Mr. Pink Shampoo

    Superior surface cleanser

    Advanced foaming technology

    Perfect for weekly maintenance

    Safe for wax and sealant

    Perfect for two bucket wash or foam cannon    

    Rinses clean with no residue

    Removes grime, build up and dirt

  • Citrus Wash & Gloss

    Ultra premium citrus-based hyper wash

    Unique gloss agent for a vibrant shine

    100% surface friendly

    Super slick washing experience

    Paintwork shampoo and gloss enhancer in one

  • Microfiber Wash

    Works on all microfiber goods.

    Removes dirt, grease, and stains. 

    Dissolves wax, polish, and other detailing chemicals.

    Clean Rinse Technology for ultra-soft residue-free fabric.

    Restore softness to microfiber 

    Highly concentrated.

    Formulated to be safe for use with standard & high efficiency machines .

  • Convertible Top Cleaner

    Cleans convertible tops and tonneau covers.

    Safely removes dirt and stains.

    Works on vinyl, fabric, canvas, textile, and synthetic soft tops.

    Sprayable formula.

    Restores factory appearance.

    Works on all colors.

    Restore a convertible top.

    Follow up with Convertible Top Protectant and Repellent for long lasting protection.

  • Shiny Garage Pink Gloss...

    Car Shampoo & Wax

    Strawberry scent

  • Shiny Garage Strawberry...

    Car Shampoo

    Strawberry Scent

  • Shiny Garage Perfect Glass...

    Glass Cleaner

    Removes dirt easily